Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) Lawyers

If you have RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), which also is called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, we may be able to recover money for you. We are personal injury lawyers, who help injury victims who have RSD and need an RSD lawyer-a lawyer who has experi ence with RSD syndrome and understands how serious RSD can be on every aspect of a client's life.

RDD may require the careful review of medical records by one or more qualified specialists. Because RSD syndrome is such a complex disease, there are numerous different types of experts who can provide assistance. As RSD lawyers, there are many types of RSD experts we use. In fact, we keep a database of RSD experts nationwide..

Is it important to have an attorney who understands RSD?

Yes. At Wright & Mcgurk, LLP we feel strongly that especially with RSD, a client needs an RSD lawyer who understands just how serious, permanent and expensive RSD syndrome is.
Many lawyers, in our experience, are too likely to treat an RSD client like they treat an auto whiplash client - there is very little objective injury, and the client is complaining of pain. Some of our clients have come to us after becoming dissatisfied with their lawyers' attempts to pressure them into settling for a small amount of money. What many lawyers do not realize is that RSD is much worse than a broken arm or leg. The majority of our RSD clients end up on permanent and total disability. The lifetime medical bills alone can be enormous. Most of our clients are financially devastated by the syndrome. RSD syndrome can also be socially debilitating. Many of our clients find it hard to maintain a marriage, act as parents and to keep their friends while contending with severe chronic pain that many others have trouble understanding.

At Wright & Mcgurk, LLP, we have tried to help RSD disease sufferers who do not want to take the risk of going to a California who does not understand how serious RSD is. Because we have had experience helping dozens of RSD sufferers, we understand the issues related to chronic pain in an individual's life. We are also familiar with the best ways to discuss that pain with insurance adjusters, defense lawyers and juries. Finally, the experience of our RSD lawyers experience helps in finding experts who are willing and able to give powerful testimony.

What are the symptoms of RSD, and how is it diagnosed?

Not all patients have all the signs or symptoms of RSD. The first indication of RSD is pain that is more severe than would be expected from the injury that caused it. Patients generally describe a severe burning pain in a region, change in the temperature of one hand or foot and sensitivity to even a light touch. Often times there is swelling, and the skin in the area affected by the RSD can change colors. As the RSD disease progresses, there tends to be increased pain and swelling. The skin may become affected to the point that even hair will not grow on it. A patient becomes unduly sensitive to trauma in other parts of the body. Even carefully done surgeries can cause the RSD to spread. A patient with RSD must take special precautions before having any surgery.
Unfortunately, there is no simple test to confirm the diagnosis of RSD. However, it is very important that the disease be diagnosed quickly. The medical literature is abundantly clear: Early treatment leads to better results.

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Some days are better than others for RSD patients. The pain ebbs and flows in intensity, but at its worst it has been compared to the pain of a ruptured disc, or of childbirth. Some of our clients have told us they would gladly amputate their affected limb if it would make the RSD pain go away. But amputation would only increase the pain from RSD.

Seeking Legal Advice?

Wright & Mcgurk, LLP has years of experience dealing with personal injury issues, and has recovered substantial amounts of money for our RSD clients.