Upon hiring your personal injury attorney who can present your case effectively to an insurance company or the defendant, they may ultimately present you with a settlement offer. A personal injury settlement is an agreement between the parties where the defendant gives an agreed amount of money where the injured person agrees to not bring the defendant to trial.

Common opportunities for a settlement for a personal injury which occurred in Los Angeles would be with an automobile insurance company if they represented someone who caused a car accident or a pedestrian accident. Similarly, it may be someone's homeowner's insurance company if they wish to settle a dog bite attack lawsuit you filed against their customer.

It should be the goal of your personal injury attorney to obtain the largest recovery for you as quickly as possible. If an insurance company offers the full maximum limit of an insurance policy, then you need not go to trial, because that is the maximum you would recover if you went to trial. It is therefore better to accept the offer from the insurance company rather than going to trial and potentially recovering less than this amount. Additionally, insurance companies do not freely offer the insurance policy maximum - it is the responsibility of your personal injury attorney to present the evidence in such a manner that the insurance companies determine that it is in their best interests to settle than go to trial.

Speak with personal injury attorneys after you are involved in an accident to discuss under what conditions we should seek a settlement or when it might be beneficial to take your case to trial.

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