Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

According to statistical data, approximately 10,000 people suffer spinal cord injuries every year due to some kind of traumatic event such as an automobile accident. Spinal cord injuries impact over 250,000 people in the United States. These types of injuries are serious because they often result in damage to the spinal cord and can cause a decrease in mobility and feeling by the victim. Ongoing medical treatment can be extensive and costly. It is important for spinal cord injury victims to know that help is available during this difficult time.

If you have suffered a spinal cord or back injury from a car accident then consult a personal injury attorney to discuss your case and find out what your options and rights are. At the Law Offices of Andrew Wright, our spinal cord injury attorneys have a great deal of experience handling cases involving spine-related injuries. We have the skills and knowledge to consistently gain favorable settlements for our clients.

When the Spine is Injured

The spinal cord connects your brain to the rest of your body. Its job is to send messages back and forth and help to control a personís ability to move and sense things. When the spinal cord is injured in a car accident, the impact from the collision causes a hard blow to the spine and hurts the delicate bundle of nerves within it. Spinal cord injuries affect communication between the brain and the rest of the body. A severe spinal cord injury can cause paralysis and loss of sensing abilities in all or part of the body.

Complete and Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries

If a spinal cord injury is complete then there is no feeling or movement in the area of the body that was affected. In some cases, the injury is incomplete and the patient has some movement and feeling in the area of the body that was affected. The amount of area of the body that is affected depends on the injured area of the spine. Typically the higher the injured spot is, the more body area that will be affected. A spinal cord injury in the middle of the spine will likely result in paralysis of the legs. An injury that is higher may cause loss in movement of the arms as well as the legs.

When You Need Legal Help Regarding a Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries are a frequent occurrence in auto accidents, especially in cases where there was major impact that resulted from the cars traveling at high speeds. Spinal cord injuries are not the same as whiplash or back and neck injuries.

If you have suffered a spinal cord or back injury in an accident and struggle with medical expenses then contact the spinal cord lawyers at the Law Office of Andrew Wright to receive a full case evaluation. You may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries and losses.