1 Our Record of Success

Nothing succeeds like success. And the insurance companies know it. That's why they keep track of the lawyers who face them. And it's why the law firms with a long history of success get better results for their clients, whether a case goes to trial or is settled quickly. Our track record of winning large verdicts and settlements benefits all of our clients.

2 Our Focus on Injury Cases

Look in the Yellow Pages. Many attorneys claim to handle injury cases, but most also practice in other areas of the law. At The Law Offices of Andrew Wright, we take only injury cases. We don't handle divorces, write wills, or take criminal matters. As a result, you will get the full benefit of our expertise. At The Law Offices of Andrew Wright your case won't fall between the cracks.

3 Our Resources

Unlike a general practice lawyer, we have the staff and financial resources to handle virtually any injury case. And the larger cases can be extremely costly to prepare and present in court. The insurance companies have unlimited resources to defend their cases. You should choose a lawyer who has the financial staying power to make it a fair fight.

4 Our Capabilities

The lawyers of The Law Offices of Andrew Wright are well known and respected in Los Angeles legal circles. For over 20 years, we've been building a reputation based on hard work and skill. We are proud that many of our clients are referred to us by other lawyers, insurance adjusters, judges, doctors and jurors who saw how we represent clients at trial. They know our work firsthand and trust us to handle their own cases.

5 Our Preparation

There are no shortcuts to success. Therefore, we prepare every case as if it were going to trial. Some lawyers cut corners, hoping that a case will settle. But at The Law Offices of Andrew Wright, preparation and success go hand in hand. Insurance companies do not offer fair settlements unless they know your lawyer is ready, willing and able to present a strong case in court.

6 Our Presentation

The Law Offices of Andrew Wright, we are constantly developing new techniques to effectively present an injury case for settlement or trial. We also have long used innovative video, anatomical models and medical charts as teaching tools in the courtroom.

7 Our Commitment to Our Clients

At The Law Offices of Andrew Wright, we put our clients first. To us, that means establishing good communication, promptly returning phone calls, and responding to our clients' concerns. But our commitment goes beyond the case. Even after your matter is settled, we're available to advise and answer questions, whether it's to find a good lawyer in another specialty or a trustworthy financial advisor to help with investment decisions.

8 Our Experience

Our experience in injury cases is second to none. And it's winning experience! When we take a case, we bring our years of experience to bear on just one goal - getting our clients everything they deserve.

9 Our Compassion

Because of our broad experience in injury cases, we have a deep understanding and compassion for the special problems people face when their lives are changed by an accident. Whatever you're going through - whether it's a wage loss or a pain syndrome - you can be sure that our clients have been there before. Their experiences have taught us ways of helping that may work in your case, too.

10 Our Satisfied Clients

You are welcome to call or e-mail our law firm to talk about your injuries or a loved one's wrongful death. If you cannot come to the office, we will come to your hospital room or home. We are able and willing to help you and your family through this.

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