Truck Accident Attorneys

Truck drivers have a challenging profession in that they are often required to drive long distances, through the night operating large heavy sized vehicles on highways and traveling at high speeds. The combination of factors can create a potentially dangerous situation for other motorists on the road. Accidents involving trucks have the potential to cause severe and often life threatening injuries to victims.

If you have been involved in a truck accident it is important to have experienced truck accident lawyers to assist with your case. The personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Andrew Wright have over two decades of experience handling truck accident claims. We are dedicated to providing skilled and knowledgeable representation to victims throughout Southern California when they have suffered personal injury.

Factors that Lead to Truck Accidents

One huge factor that is a leading cause for truck related accidents is driver fatigue. Since truck drivers are often transporting goods cross country or across state lines, the driving often involves long stretches and distances that are done through the night when traffic is lighter. Truck drivers will often experience driver fatigue while driving and may not necessarily stop to rest in order to get to their destination in time.

Other times they might be driving at higher speeds to try to get to their destinations quicker. In these instances, the truck drivers put themselves as well as other motorists on the road at higher risk for a truck accident to happen. Accidents involving trucks are often quite serious due to the larger vehicle size and larger force upon impact. If you have suffered a truck accident related injury be sure to seek legal advice from qualified truck accident lawyers. At the Law Offices of Andrew Wright we can help to protect your rights and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Getting Legal Help with Your Truck Accident Case

Studies and statistics indicate that trucks account for 1 out of every 9 road traffic accidents. And in 94% of these accidents the occupants of the other vehicle are either injured or killed. You do not have to continue suffering from the negligence of another driver. Take the first step in getting what you rightfully deserve by calling the truck accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Andrew Wright. We can provide you with a full and confidential case review and inform you of your rights and options.