When you or a loved one are in an accident, whether it be a car accident, motorcycle accident, boating accident or a slip and fall – you are in pain, you have medical bills piling up, medical  appointments to attend, you have lost wages, and are not able to engage in your normal activities and you, of course, expect the person who caused your harm to stand up and take responsibility for the harm they have caused…

However, the person who has injured you has a Billion Dollar insurance company backing them who wants to make sure that you never see a dime. Every Insurance company adopts the same business model - their goal is to make sure injured people, like you, are compensated a quarter of what you deserve.

In fact, Insurance Companies have statistics which show when they deal with someone who does not have representation they average paying about 25 percent of what the case is worth.

We make it our business, at McGurk Law Offices, to make sure that you are compensated fully for your losses.

Your pain is worth something to us. The fact that you are not able to engage in the activities you once did – is worth something to us. Your Life is worth something to us – and we will fight to make sure you recover every penny.

We treat every client like a part of our family - we fight for you, and we take your injuries and your pain personal.

We have an extremely successful track record and it is because we really care about our clients.

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